A HSR to Mecca “Haramain, The train of the desert” :

A documentary by Gerardo Olivares

“Because it is one of the most ambitious engineering projects in the last decades. Because I want to know what are the challenges of constructing a train that goes at more than 300 kilometres per hour in the middle of the desert”

Historical pilgrimage route

Commercial services of the high speed railway (HSR) to Mecca started on 11 October 2018, serving one of the world’s main religious phenomena: the pilgrimage between Medina and Mecca, which brings together millions of Muslims every year.


The construction works for the HSR’s superstructure and systems between Mecca and Medina started in different stages in 2012.


The first high speed train in a desert environment travels a 450-kilometre distance at a speed of 300 kilometres per hour.

The High Speed Railway (HSR) from La Mecca to Medina, in images